School of Property, Construction & Project Management

Course Work Student in Profile: John Mitsakos

Master of Project Management
What did you study as an undergraduate student? and Where did you study?
“Bachelor of Business (Property) at RMIT University.”

What motivated you to undertake further study at
postgraduate level?

“I’m a believer in continuous improvement and at a time when the business world is evolving so rapidly, the right postgraduate qualifications are key to improving, developing and staying on top of the business challenges of the future.”
What inspired you to study in your chosen area?

“I wanted to do a management course that was relevant to the highly projectised real estate sector, where I have worked for over a decade. The MPM was a perfect fit.”
Why did you choose to study at RMIT?
“I studied my undergraduate degree here at RMIT and greatly enjoyed my time here. I did, however, look at other universities that offered similar degrees but RMIT’s strong association with industry, international standing and its success in the built environment space made the choice very easy.”
What has been the highlight of your studies? Tell
me about two or three of the best things about your time at RMIT.
“The teaching staff are fantastic; very accomplished, knowledgeable, and very approachable. The City campus is great; conveniently located, plenty of study areas and there’s a great coffee shop around every corner. Makes ‘hitting the books’ on campus a lot of fun.”
What skills / qualities have you gained from your

“Project and team leadership, project planning, risk management, quality management. These are just to name a few.”
Tell me about a project, assignment or piece of work that you have accomplished while at RMIT that you are proud of.
“For the Quality Management subject, I undertook a large process review of one of the main processes within a financial institution. The assignment allowed me to reflect on my professional experience to identify and improve a process that for a long time I wanted to investigate. During the course of the assignment I entrenched myself into many interesting pieces of research that I used to design and implement a very effective change strategy. A very engaging and rewarding assignment.”
What advice do you have for students considering postgraduate study?
“As with all things, you get out what you put in. If you decide to take on postgraduate study, do it with passion and commitment, and you’ll definitely come out with a rewarding and fulfilling experience. Make it a priority.”
Are you currently working in a field relevant to your degree/program – what has been your greatest achievement at work to date?
“Yes, and my greatest achievement is actually my career. I’m very fortunate to work in an industry that I enjoy and I’m always around great and inspirational people.”
What are your plans for the next three years? Work, further study, travel etc.
“Back to work, but I do plan to continue studying in the years to come.”
What are three words that describe you?
“1. Passion
2. Vision
3. Enthusiasm”

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