School of Property, Construction & Project Management

Coursework Student in Profile – Siriboon Deewan

Program: Master of Business (Property)
Qualification completed in home country and name of the Institute
you completed your studies at prior to study in at RMIT:

“Certificate in Executive Mini MBA, NIDA, BANGKOK, THAILAND
B. Architecture (English program) KMUTT, BANGKOK, THAILAND”
Are you currently employed?

“Yes. Current Position: Assistant Development Manager Company Name: Bensons Property Group Core Business: Property Development “Bensons is one of the most inspirational Australian Property Developers, they have a reputation for delivering innovative, high quality residential, commercial and retail property developments throughout Melbourne since 1994. Over the last 20 years Bensons have completed over $1 bilion worth of quality developments across Melbourne, collaborate with award winning architects, like Fender Katsalidis, they have created and will continue to generate landmark designs that will establish a remarkable legacy for Bensons Property Group and for apartment living in Melbourne.”

Office Location:

“Melbourne, VIC, Australia”

Tell us your story. What made you decide to study overseas and in particular come to Melbourne?
“I knew that I wanted to study abroad because my education includes working in an international environment.”

What attracted you to RMIT?
“I applied to only two schools; RMIT (Master of Business (property) and Swinburne University (Master of Construction Management) but RMIT offered the most relevant program which suits my career goal which is to develop properties for property development companies.”
In your opinion, what makes RMIT different from other Universities?
“I chose RMIT University carefully due to location. Comparing RMIT campus to other top ranking universities in Melbourne, RMIT is the most attractive campus because it is situated in the heart of the CBD, within walking distance to the city’s most beneficial facilities such as State library, Federal Square, range of green environments, Yarra River, Botanic Garden, Flagstaff Gardens and Carlton Gardens. RMIT campus also has a variety of centres of excellence, modern technology and sustainable
built environment namely the award-winning education architecture “SAB building”, the iconic remodelled architecture “Storey Hall” , making RMIT the ideal choice for me, as a person who appreciates architecture , interior , landscape design”
What were the main reasons you chose this qualification?
“I have professional experience in developing properties, apartments and commercial buildings and extensive experience as a professional architect. After several years of work experience I knew that I had to invest in my education and skill development to become better myself and to be in a better place. RMIT has a reputation for global excellence in the Master of Business (Property) program, a course which suits my goal. I also acknowledge that RMIT property School’s networks cover various professionals working in the property industry across Melbourne. I feel confident that my degree willbe recognised to most employers and professionals in the industry.”
Would you recommend your program to others? Why?
“I would absolutely recommend the program to others. I have been amazed with the diversity of lecturers and leading expert professors. They have many professional experiences and have a passion to teach. I have learnt so much and it’s because of their efforts. Particularly to Dr. Judith Callanan, Program Manager Property and Valuation, who is such a wonderful woman. She is an extremely approachable person, rich in advice and supportive. I have experienced her generosity that has not only just provided me with advice on my studies but also guided my career path and helped develop my networking through her strong industry connections.”
What are some of the best things about the program you studied?
“The best thing of this program – it has served me incredibly well with local knowledge and improved my skill set in property development which helped make my employment search successful. Today, I am secure in my position; I am a team player in the development department for Bensons Property Group, a Melbourne property developer. I’m very thankful that I’m in the place I am now. I have had the opportunities I have because of my studies in Master of Business (Property) RMIT.”
Please describe in detail how your study has prepared you for your current or future career?

“Through the core subjects such as Valuation Technique and Property Analysis, Development Decision and Investment Evaluation Technique; I have been able to explore the Melbourne property market, location influences and financial performance analysis, all of which are
significantly valuable and applicable to the work I am doing.”
Have you participated in extra-curricular activities, mentoring programs, study tours etc. while at RMIT?
“Though initially homesick, I am thankful to RMIT for offering instant access to its social, sporting and huge range of recreation activities. I make the most of my time at RMIT with both study and joining extra-activities; Gym, Yoga class and RMIT Student club where I found it to be a great
way to meet new friends, develop my health and connect with people who share my interests.”


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