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Researchers presenting at a series of conferences

The research team members of the ARC Linkage Project “Efficient construction: Analysis of integrated supply chains for innovative off site housing manufacturing” are scheduled to deliver the first of a series of conference presentations in July. Professor Kerry London, Associate Professor Malik Khalfan, and Dr. Zelinna Pablo will be presenting early stage conceptual frameworks and preliminary findings at the 23rd Global Lean Construction Conference (Construct15) in Perth, Western Australia, which will be held on July 28-31. Construct15 is a leading conference on best practices and innovations in construction, and brings together leading researchers and industry practitioners. The 2015 conference theme is on global solutions and knowledge sharing.
During the above-mentioned conference, Professor London will be delivering a keynote presentation on July 30 entitled “Fragmentation, integration and collaboration: Translating supply chain integration research outcomes to better understand offsite manufacturing.” Dr. Pablo will be presenting a conceptual framework in a paper entitled “A multilevel analysis of collaboration in offsite manufacturing supply chains using actor network theory” on behalf of the research team. The conceptual framework captures key issues related to collaboration specific to the construction industry, including negotiating tensions between collaborative and competitive dynamics; addressing the role of human as well as non-human actors; exploring collaboration on interpersonal, organizational, and institutional levels; and analysing the role of social, cultural, and intellectual capital in achieving successful partnerships.


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