School of Property, Construction & Project Management

Staff Member in Profile – Dr. Rebecca Yang

Rebecca Yang is a senior lecturer within the School of Property Construction and Project Management at RMIT University. She is a scholar of building, construction and social practice who undertakes pure and applied research that can provide innovative solutions to the industry by integrating theories with cutting-edge technologies.
Rebecca’s teaching philosophy and approach is ‘linking theory with practice by focusing on improving student-centred learning outcomes and capabilities’. She inspires students’ creative thinking and prospective visions by encouraging them to investigate advanced technologies, such as green building products, BIM, 3D laser scanner, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, and onsite machine control in the construction industry.
Rebecca has contributed to building and construction research in the areas of stakeholder alignment, green building development, construction technology uptake, and social context visualisation. As of 2015, Rebecca’s research endeavours have led to a total of 50 publications with over 300 citations, and more than 10 research grants and contracts, singly or secured with colleagues. Project partners have included state and regional government agencies, local leading developers, and overseas state-owned construction firms. The publications and ensuing commissioned reports elaborate the ways stakeholder and social theories informs building and construction problems, notably in relation to sustainable practices and complex mega-projects.
Her current research focuses on driving the application of innovative IT and green techniques in the construction industry by conducting technical, social and economic assessments. Specifically, Rebecca is working on the evaluation of Building Integrated Photovoltaics, further development of drones in the application of construction management, and the visualisation of dynamic social environment in building development.

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