School of Property, Construction & Project Management

Work-Study-Life Balance – An interview with Shae Ah Fook a Bachelor of Applied Science (Property and Valuation) (Honours) student and professional Rugby League player for the Melbourne Storm

“Sport isn’t forever but getting my degree while slowly developing a career in the Property Industry will be”
What inspired you to study in your chosen area? “I found the property industry interesting and wanted to learn more about it.”
Why did you choose to study at RMIT? “After coming to the open day I knew RMIT would be the perfect uni for me both for its location and friendly atmosphere.”
What has been the highlight of your studies? Tell me 2 or 3 of the best things about your time at RMIT.
“Meeting new people and making new friends through attending the University activities such as O Week parties. Joining some of the University Student Clubs such as RMIT Touch Team and competing against other Universities. Being able to use the facilities for extra study and Leisure time.”
What skills / qualities have you gained from your degree/program?

“I have gained a better understanding of the property industry and market through my time studying at RMIT. I am able to interpret certain graphs, developments and Floor plans. I have developed IT Skills using Excel, REVIT and Maptitude. RMIT and this programme have helped me develop better social and time management skills which have helped me outside of my studies greatly.”
Have you done any work integrated learning, study tours or work experience as part of your degree? If so, what did you do and how do you feel it will benefit you?

“Yes I have recently been doing part time work as a Property Assistant for Vero Property. I feel this will benefit me through the real life experience which I feel will give me a better understanding of the property industry and how it works. The staff are also very helpful and have been teaching me a lot over the last 8 months I have been there.”
Tell me about a project, assignment or piece of work that you have accomplished while at RMIT that you are proud of.

“One of my most proud achievements would have been last years overall grades. Over the 6 subjects I took I got 3 Distinctions and 3 High Distinctions.”
What advice do you have for students considering study in this area?

“Never be afraid to ask questions! Especially if it means having to see your teacher/lecturer after class times. They are there to help you and over my time at RMIT every lecturer has been nothing but helpful.”
How is RMIT preparing you for a future career?

“RMIT is helping me develop the skills necessary in my intended industry.”
Where do you hope your degree will take you (your dream job)?

“I hope my degree will give me the platform I need to begin chasing my career in Property whether it be Valuation, Development, Investment or if everything goes well (fingers crossed) all the above.”
What are three words that describe you?

2. Chill

3. Hungry(24/7)”

Finish the following sentence: I love what I do because….

“It allows me to set the platform for the future I desire. Sport isn’t forever but getting my degree while slowly developing a career in the Property Industry will be.”
Do you have any other information or stories that you’d like to share – anything exciting we should know about?

“Currently in my third year at the Melbourne Storm and 2nd consecutive Year signed to the Melbourne Storm Under 20’s. I have been Nominated for Academic team of the year in the Holden Cup competition and get interviewed Wednesday 5th August by the NRL. I was also Nominated for Pasifika Award by Andrew Blowers. I go for my Agents Rep License which will allow me to sell on behalf of an agency from 14th to 15th of
August. I have completed a Diploma in Sport and Cert III & Vin Sport and Rec. I have recently spoken with Hocking Stuart Director Scott McElroy about a possible Job opportunity.”

Image: Shae Ah Fook with his little cousin after the Melbourne Storm victory over New Zealand Warriors 38-28


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