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The built environment plays a major role in climate change mitigation and adaptation. What’s more, buildings have a direct effect on people’s quality of life and the health of their living environments. The impacts of construction and building solutions persist for very long periods of time. As such, all building and construction activities should be sustainable.

The Sustainable Buildings and Construction Programme is one of the thematic programmes of the United Nations 10-Year Framework of Programmes (10YFP). Its aim is to improve knowledge of sustainable construction, develop sustainable solutions, and share the knowledge and solutions globally. Although an abundance of solutions already exist, there is still plenty of room for more innovations. Through the programme, all major projects in the field of sustainable construction can be brought together under the same umbrella.

The programme involves sharing good practices, launching pilot projects, supporting projects in developing countries, emerging economies and industrialised nations alike, creating cooperation networks both regionally and internationally, and committing actors around the world to sustainable construction.

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Join us as a partner


Becoming a partner of a 10YFP programme provides opportunities to combine with others for action on the ground, developing innovative projects at scale, and the possibility to access a variety of funding sources. Partners of the 10YFP programmes are not expected to provide financial or human resources to the programme, but do commit to be part of an active implementing “community of practice”, in the context of the specific programme, and thus to contributing to collective impact for the shift to SCP patterns.

To become a partner, you need to submit an expression of interest to the coordination desk of the 10YFP. Any entity, organization or individual expert agreeing with the goals and objectives of the programme and committing to contribute to the implementation of its work plan can express interest to become a partner. Being a co lead of the Sustainable Building and Construction Programme, RMIT will guide you to become a partner.

Please contact: to register your interest to become a partner.

SBC Trust Fund call for Developing Countries

In line with the above-stated vision and objectives, project proposals responding to this Call for Proposals should be developed to address the Work Programme Areas creatively and effectively and with measureable impact and scope for replication or scale-up. Project proposals may cover one or more of the 10YFP SBC Programme areas but with clearly articulated goals and objectives, linked to measureable results and outcomes.

The Secretariat of the 10 Year Framework of Programmes on Sustainable Consumption and Production Patterns (10YFP) invites governments, government agencies and not-for-profit organizations, from developing countries and countries with economies in transition to present proposals to the 10YFP Trust Fund for the 10YFP Sustainable Buildings and Construction Programme.



Submitted by: Dr Usha Iyer-Raniga

Images: Patchwork Photo – Pekka Huovila except energy by Harri Hakaste and policies by Johanna Kinnari; Mac members in Helsinki photo – SBC Lead, Finland


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