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Women Building Futures: Alumni Profile: Vanessa Goulding


An interview with Vanessa Goulding – Alumni of the Construction Management Undergraduate degree.

Where are you working now?

“Crema Constructions”

What is your role and what activities does your role entail on a daily basis?

“Senior Project Manager”

What was your favourite part of your degree?

“The trips overseas, Economics and Engineering”

What do you like best about your role?

“Leading the team to achieve the project and their career goals”

What attracted you to your role?

“To be the leader. To be the PM that is modern and progressive and engaging.”

What is most important to you when looking for a job?

“The building that is to be built. I only work on projects that are challenging and beautiful”

Tell us about your career journey so far.

“Museum of Victoria, Federation Square, QV, MCG, AAMI Park, World square 56 storey tower to name a few. I graduated, became a project coordinator for the structural steel subcontractor, then became the Project Manager, then joined Grocon and was the steel roof manager for AAMI park, then became their Assistant PM, then PM then I joined Crema as Senior PM.”

Tell us about the challenges and triumphs you have faced as a female in a male-dominated industry

“The only challenge is if you are willing to sacrifice flexibility and family life to achieve the career of your dreams.”

If you could say one thing to young females looking to enter the industry – what would it be?

“If its meant to be it is up to me. Always have passion for what you do and everything will fall in place. Work hard and never drop your career because you have a baby. Babies are only small for a short time. I have friends who let their careers go for flexibility and to support their partners and now they regret it and are unhappy that they have lost all that time. Make sure your partner is the independent type that will support you in your career especially if you have kids. Mine is and this is half the battle.”

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