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SOFT LAUNCH: New to the Employer of Choice Program – Not-For-Profit Register is now open for Registration!

EmployerofChoicePCPM_Pamphlet_2015_draft2 copy

In 2016 RMIT Property, Construction and Project Management is pleased to announce that we are offering Not-For-Profit (NFP) Organisations who are with the ACNC the opportunity to register for the Employer of Choice program under the NFP register and offer our students volunteer opportunities related to their studies.

Pros of volunteering for students:

  • Positive inclusion on CV
  • Provides a diverse range of opportunities that is different to opportunities provided by paid employment
  • Provides opportunities for students who have limited work capacity to get different experience
  • Supplements industry experience that may be less reliable in frequency and availability

Outcomes of NFP database:

  • Build long term relationships with NFPs that sees PCPM students getting the best opportunities
  • Facilitates communication with NFPs to keep them up to date about PCPM and invite them to PCPM functions
  • On Campus events for NFPs and Students -such as “smart choices” seminars to educate students and NFPs about volunteer work

NFP’s will agree to a code of conduct including:

CODE OF CONDUCT The code reflects our commitment to working together to promote an ethical, just and responsible work environment for all members of this program. I agree to :
  • Ensure that I understand the study situation of any student I take on, and allow flexibility to attend classes as required.
  • If providing an ongoing role, I will ensure that my student employee is equipped to develop, grow and succeed within my organisation.
  • Maintain a professional and safe environment for all employees
  • Ensure that ongoing feedback, support and guidance is provided to students and the School of Property, Construction and Project Management.
  • Any student I take on, I will enter into a written agreement with them and abide by the terms as set out by Fair Work Australia
  • All Non-For-Profit (NFP) Organisations registering for this service must be with the ACNC
  • The task or role must be aligned with the degree or be able to demonstrate a contribution to desirable graduate capabilities
  • There must be social benefit as an outcome of the work
  • The NFP must show a commitment to the student completing their studies
Register your Non-For-Profit Organisation today:
Once registered you can register your volunteer opportunity for advertising here:

Any questions please contact Elima Pozenel on

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