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Industry Mentoring for Final Year Students – can you spare 8-10 hours over 8 months to assist?


Can you spare 8-10 hours over 8 months to assist?

Work with final year students about to graduate over the span of their last year – this is a great way to potentially recruit the best and brightest – and the best cultural fit to your organisation. You can opt to work with a group of students in similar topics.

Become an industry mentor

Industry Mentors work with academic supervisors to support Honours students in their research projects.


Each mentor provides guidance to a student and gives feedback on the value of their research. It is an excellent opportunity for personal and professional growth for both students and industry mentors.

If you are interested in being an industry mentor, please complete the Industry Mentors Registration click the “Join Now”. Any issues email 

Whom will the mentor supervise?

As a mentor, you will be connected with an Honours student, from the same professional field where possible. If you are willing, you may supervise a group of Honours students.

How much time does a mentor need to commit?

You will be asked to meet with each Honours student at the start of and towards the end of each of the two research courses and then to provide feedback the posters. This means a total of four meetings.

Feedback on the posters takes place during the Annual Industry, Research and Awards Night.

The total expected time commitment is 8–10 hours over 8 months.

What are the benefits of being a mentor?

As a mentor, you will be benefit from

  • contributing to professional knowledge creation
  • engaging directly with professionals of the future
  • building intra-industry networks
  • gaining new experience in a supervisory role
  • seeing first-hand how particular students work, which may assist in future recruitment.

How will students benefit from being mentored?

Students benefit from

  • dealing with current and emerging industry issues, and undertaking industry-relevant research
  • assistance with finding data sources
  • strengthened integration between learning and work
  • feedback from an industry perspective that underpins learning
  • validation of their learning through a partnership with both academics and industry
  • learning, applying and demonstrating their professional or vocational practice by undertaking a significant research project
  • interacting with industry as clients/practitioners.

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