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UNU-IAS Prosper.Net Young Researcher School


The Young Researchers’ School (YRS) is an initiative started by the United Nations University – Institute of Advanced Studies (UNU-IAS) nine years back, with an objective to provide graduate students with an opportunity to better understand the spectrum of challenges that underpin sustainable development and develop research skills. By assembling these young scientists together for an intensive two-week workshop, the school intends to foster the growth of a network of sustainability scholars and professionals in the Asia-Pacific region.

-The programme aims to achieve the following objectives: (i) specific knowledge regarding the theme, (ii) opportunities for research skills development, including research communication skills through activities such as the 3-minute thesis competition and (iii) interaction among participants and resource persons through group activities and field trips, in order to provide context and content for students to develop a research proposal looking at how different policies and projects can be interlinked and provide integrative solutions for various sustainability challenges.

The 2016 YRS was held at TERI University, New Delhi, India on 1-12 February, 2016. The theme of the 2016 ProSPER.Net Young Researchers’ School was ‘Sustainable Energy for Transforming Lives: Availability, Accessibility and Affordability’. Applications with full paid scholarship (covering all expenses) were open for PhD students from ProSPER.Net member universities and the School was taught by leading sustainability experts from ProSPER.Net member universities across the Asia-Pacific region and internationally.

As a participant, out of the other 18 students from different nationalities and countries, I believed that it was a great opportunity to be part of the School. It helped me develop advanced knowledge and skills in sustainability research and practice, with a special focus on sustainable energy, energy efficiency and renewable energy, in-depth research design and planning skills. During the stay we also received advice on our own thesis and related research proposals and by the end we were made a part of a network of sustainability researchers in the Asia-Pacific region.

Image: Karishma Kashyap

Author: Karishma Kashyap


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