School of Property, Construction & Project Management

Student Profile: Iain Davison


Interview with  Bachelor of Applied Science (Project Management) (Honours) student Iain Davison

What inspired you to study in your chosen area?

“I was drawn to studying Project Management because of the unique nature of projects. I liked the idea that every project that you worked on would be different from the last and that you would constantly be facing new challenges. With an increasing amount of businesses using projects to achieve their goals, there is plenty of opportunity to work across many sectors. ”

Why did you choose to study at RMIT?

“I grew up in South East Asia and the Middle East and when I was looking at Universities in Australia, RMIT consistently ranked highly. I initially studied Mechanical Engineering and although I decided it wasn’t for me, I continued my studies at RMIT as I had enjoyed it so much.”

What has been the highlight of your studies? Tell me 2 or 3 of the best things about your time at RMIT.

“In August 2015, I was selected by PCPM to attend a leadership conference in Hong Kong. The 6 days was an incredible experience and something I thoroughly enjoyed.

Along with that, I have made great friends throughout my time at RMIT and have always found the staff knowledgeable and eager to help.”

What skills / qualities have you gained from your degree? 

“I’ve gained knowledge across a wide range of project management methodologies, not just those used within the building and construction industry, but also within IT, Health, Oil & Gas etc.

I am currently undertaking my honours thesis and this has allowed me to develop significant research skills.

Along with these technical skills, I have also gained countless soft skills such as team work, communication and stakeholder management.”

Have you done any work integrated learning, study tours or work experience as part of your degree? If so, what did you do and how do you feel it will benefit you?

“I am currently working at RMIT Property Services as part of their Work Integrated Learning (WIL) program. I work within Real Estate Services and deal with all of RMIT’s commercial and retail leases, as well as working on the retail aspects of the New Academic Street project.

The WIL program has allowed me to gain on the job experience and has enabled me to develop my theoretical knowledge through working on real projects.”

Tell me about a project, assignment or piece of work that you have accomplished while at RMIT that you are proud of.

“I am currently undertaking my honours thesis. For this, I am working with a supervisor and industry mentor to conduct research into High Rise Construction. It has been a great challenge and will be my biggest academic accomplishment.”

What advice do you have for students considering study in this area?

“Do a lot of research into the career path and sort of work project managers undertake. As a general rule, PM’s work very hard to make sure their projects are completed on time and under budget, so it’s not a job for everyone but is certainly rewarding being part of the project process.”

How is RMIT preparing you for a future career?

“Between the WIL position within RMIT Property Services and the skills and knowledge that I am developing while studying, I feel that I have a great platform from which to commence my career.”

Where do you hope your degree will take you (your dream job)?

“In the immediate future, I am hoping to secure a graduate position after university. Long term I would like to move into property development.”

What are three words that describe you?

” Ambitious, Easy going and Competitive”

Finish the following sentence: I love what I do because….

“I love what I do because every day is different and it is constantly challenging. “


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