School of Property, Construction & Project Management

Employer of Choice – Student Testimonials – Jayden Ameresekere


“Mid 2015 the “Employer of Choice” program sent out a e-flyer for an information night with Savills Property for the Graduate Job they were offering in 2016. I was completing a Bachelors of Applied Science, with a major in Construction Management (honours), though I wasn’t specifically studying property, I was intrigued enough to attend. After attending the graduate information night, I was sure it was a place I wanted to work, therefore I sent my CV and cover letter through. After three rounds of interviews I secured one of three coveted graduate roles with the company. This achievement speaks to the rounded nature of the course, though I didn’t study property, the construction management course still gave me the necessary skills to gain employment in a top tier property firm. I am now two months into the role, I’m learning something new everyday and thoroughly enjoying myself. I am currently an Analyst for the Office Leasing team, canvassing the city, learning the buildings and soaking up every bit of information I can from my experienced colleagues. Prior to being informed about the information night via email from the program, I was unaware of the company and the opportunity being offered. I have gratitude towards those involved in the program as they aided me in beginning my career with a property company that has a global presence.”

Jayden Ameresekere, Student, Bachelor of Applied Science (Construction Management)

8 April 2016


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