School of Property, Construction & Project Management

RMIT PCPM and Surveying Careers

The following are different Surveying professions our students could look at as careers and the differences between them.

Building Surveying

They are expertise in maintenance and refurbishment projects (not new development). From supervising the redevelopment of multi-million pound office blocks to restoring historic buildings, right through to home extensions, chartered building surveyors use their expertise to provide advice on property and construction projects: residential, commercial, industrial, leisure, agricultural and retail.
RMIT PCPM’s Chartered Building Surveyor is Dr. Amrit Sagoo

General Practice (Property and Valuation)

The specialism with the highest public profile, this can involve acting as an agent, broker or auctioneer in a sale, the management, valuation and surveying of public or private property and overseeing the contractual relationship between landlords and tenants, as well as giving advice on investment and development. Valuation of property, land and business assets is a core skill that plays a vital role in bank lending, accounting, investment, taxation, and many other activities. GP covers the valuation and sale of a firm’s machinery, equipment and business assets – from oil refineries to websites – which is important for insurance, accounting, insolvency, compulsory purchase, taxation, and market value purposes.
RMIT PCPM’s Chartered General Practice Surveyors are Dr Judith Callanan and Assoc. Prof David Higgins

Land surveying

Analysing information about the land and the sea bed, these surveyors work with geographic information systems, land and hydrographic surveying, mapping and positioning, global and local navigation systems, engineering survey, land registration, boundary identification, land law, cartography, ocean bed and resource surveys.

Quantity Surveying

From building construction, civil and structural engineering to petro-chemicals and mineral extraction, all are areas in which quantity surveyors are equipped to provide advice. The following are the principal services rendered by quantity surveyors:  Estimation of Construction Budget, Preliminary Cost Advice Cost Planning, Procurement Methods, Life Cycle Costing, Tendering, Cost Control & Financial Management, Contractual Administration, Value Management, Value Engineering, Project Management,  Financial Claims & Programme Analysis, Dispute Resolution

Quantity surveyors can provide appropriate services to suit various demands and our major employers include Private developers, Professionals quantity surveying firms, Government departments and related bodies, Contractors, Mining and petro-chemical companies and Insurance companies
RMIT PCPM’s Chartered Quantity Surveyor is Assoc. Prof. Peter SP Wong

Planning & Development

Assessing the physical and social impact of built environment takes into account design, build quality, IT, climate, transport, and sources of renewable energy. These surveyors promote efficient land management.

Facility Management

This refers to the management of the services that support a business, including relocation, health and safety, outsourcing, procurement, property management and utilities and services.

About RMIT Construction Management Program

Our Construction Management programs in Melbourne, Singapore and Hong Kong received accreditation from RICS/SISV/HKIS in Quantity Surveying streams. This means graduates are qualified to take the fastest pathway to become a chartered quantity surveyor should they pass the final professional interview/exam.

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