School of Property, Construction & Project Management

Whittlesea hosts post-disaster PM students


Image Caption: Project Management students at the Bushfire Memorial, Tourourrong Reservoir with Community Recovery Committee member and research mentor, Larry Glen.

Examples of post disaster projects local to Melbourne are few, and so learning about the unique nature of, and particular needs of stakeholders during, post disaster projects can be a little bland. However thanks to the generosity of people from Whittlesea, students from the Post Disaster Project Management course in PCPM were able to undertake a one day site visit where they heard from a panel of survivors, members of the Community Recovery Committee, and employees from the City of Whittlesea. Students visited three post disaster projects: the Community Activity Centre, the Community Garden and the Bushfire Memorial at Tourourrong Reservoir. At each, there was discussion around the need for the project, how the community both contributed to and benefited from the project and how the project was successfully managed. In addition, students heard individual stories about the fire on 7th February 2009 and learned about the ongoing impact that such disasters have on people, and they reflected on how this experience changes their approach to managing future projects in post disaster scenarios.

Author: Dr Guinevere Gilbert

Images: Dr Guinevere Gilbert


Image Caption: Project Management students at the Community Garden, with Megan Smithwick and Larry Glen


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