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Ensuring contract worker safety in complex organisational systems

Associate Professor Jan Hayes is leading the investigation of the management of contract worker safety employed within the supply chain of the Qantas group. The project follows an enforceable undertaking between WorkSafe ACT and Qantas. The impetus for the undertaking was the serious injury sustained by a contract ramp worker at Canberra International Airport.

Working with Jan is Professor Kerry London (South Australia) and Postdoctoral Research Fellow David Paterno. Together, the team seeks to understand how current internal and external supply chain processes impact worker safety across the Qantas group. One key goal of the research is the delivery of a tool useful in improving the supply chain management resulting in improved worker safety outcomes. The project will also generate a comprehensive research report documenting the barriers to, and enablers of, high standards of workplace safety performance and compliance.

RMIT entered into the contract with Qantas in April. Initial fieldwork will be conducted in Canberra. In Canberra, Jan and David will conduct interviews and perform document review.  Workplace observation and focus groups may also be incorporated into the project as it progresses. Jan and her team are currently meeting the required project milestones and are on schedule to commence fieldwork pending ethics approval.

The team will be providing regular project updates to the School as a number of deliverables are scheduled for August, November, and December of this year.

Author: David Paterno

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