School of Property, Construction & Project Management

Introducing our new staff – Dr. David Paterno


David Paterno is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow within the School of Property Construction and Project Management at RMIT University. His area of scholarship is Human Communication and his interest is in the coordinating actions performed in our social use of technology.

David has a long record of working in the University sector in the United States and New Zealand. Since taking his Masters of Communication degree in 1993 (William Paterson University) he has taught nearly 140 courses at schools such as the University of Otago, Rutgers University, and the State University of New York (Albany). At Albany, the quality of his instruction was recognised by both Departmental and International awards.

David is currently working with Associate Professor Jan Hayes on a project to assess the management of contract worker safety within the Qantas group. To the project he brings a strong background in ethnographic methods and data analysis. His 2015 PhD (University of Otago), an ethnographic study of a community and its use of technologies, was awarded the coveted Harold Innis award (2016) by the Media Ecology Association.

Author: Dr David Paterno


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