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Scholarship Recipient – The GPT Group Scholarship – Melissa Gardner


An interview with The GPT Group Scholarship and Graduate Program recipient for 2016 – Melissa Gardner (Student of RMIT’s Bachelor of Applied Science (Property and Valuation) (Honours) Program). View information on the Scholarship and Graduate Program for RMIT Property and Valuation students here:

Which Program are you currently studying?

“Bachelor of Applied Science (Property and Valuation) (Honours)”

What Scholarship and/or Graduate Program did you get?

“GPT Property Graduate Program and Scholarship”

What year were you are recipient of the scholarship/graduate program?


Tell us about your application and interview process – what did you do well and looking back what do you think you could have done better?

“The application process for GPT was really good, the only thing I wish I did better was be more confident in the actual interview.”

Tell us about your experience in the Graduate Program – what did you learn? what did you do? what was your favourite part?

“I am currently undertaking my graduate program via rotations through various GPT assets. So far i have completed two retail rotations and am currently working in a few office assets. I have learnt how both retail and office asset management teams operate, how to interact with tenants and how to interpret/work with various reporting software.”

Tell us about your Scholarship how did it assist you? what did you get?

“I am receiving a $10,000 over the course of my final year of studies. This scholarship has allowed me to purchase uni textbooks and contribute to my rent, meaning I am able to continue living within a close proximity to both uni and work.”

Why should future students apply?

“Future students who are interested in asset management or want exposure to a top Australian property company should definitely apply. The opportunity to learn from colleagues who have been in the property industry for years offers both educational and networking benefits.”

Why did you apply? What attracted you?

“I applied because I wanted to gain exposure and experience in a top performing property company.”

What advice would you give for students considering applying?

“Be yourself! I found this to be the most valuable thing to remember throughout the GPT interview process. It is of course important to have good academic results, but GPT appreciates when applicants can demonstrate who they are and how they will fit into the organisations culture.”

How has this exercise prepared you for your future career?

“I have had the opportunity to experience a number of different roles across the company, meaning I have been able to narrow down future possible career paths for myself. The program has also meant I have met a large number of GPT colleagues, allowing me to build my professional network.”

Do you have any other information or stories that you’d like to share – anything exciting we should know about?

“As part of the program I got to go to Sydney for the day!”

How did your studies help you prepare for this?

“My studies have ensured that I am aware of all the relevant terms I hear whilst at work and that I have a general understanding of any tasks I may undertake.”

Finish the following sentence:I love what I do because….

“its exciting and always changing!”

What inspired you to study in your chosen area? and Why did you choose to study at RMIT?

“I discovered property as a career path when I became interested in hotels and their development. I choose to study property at RMIT because of the depth of the information offered through the course.”


Are you a RMIT Property and Valuation student wishing to apply for this Graduate Program/Scholarship?

View it on the RMIT website here:

View it on Career hub here: (Student log in required)


Are you an organisation looking to offer your own Scholarship?

Read more here:

Email: Elima Pozenel



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