School of Property, Construction & Project Management

HDR Candidate Profile: Ms Karishma Kashyap


Research Topic: “Closing feedback loop: The link between post occupancy evaluation and management styles to optimise building performance”


The research is to test and develop strategies for creating a link between performance measurement and performance management in Australia, with reference to global trend. The research involves ‘Green Star Education’ enterprise or academic institutions of an equivalent standard in Victoria as case study buildings with an intention to investigate the interaction between building users and its managers. By analysing both institution’s energy performance measurement and occupant evaluation data collected from the respective study buildings, this research demonstrates that how occupants feedback and responses be utilized by the building managers to analyse the gap between actual and expected performance.

Following a thorough background analysis, each aspect of the user satisfaction levels and role of management in each study building are to be evaluated. Review will include analysing benefits of using POE techniques to measure occupant satisfaction and management frameworks currently adopted by educational institutions in Australia. POE methods including surveys and walk in discussions to identify the drivers for stakeholders to aim for continuous improvement of the respective buildings, and discover if there are any social and behavioural aspects that inhibit incorporation of sustainability outcomes in design. By utilising these results the research intends to fill the literature gap and comment on the importance of closing the feedback loop between building managers and its users helping in overall more efficient energy performance and management of such buildings.

Image: Karishma Kashyap

Author: Karishma Kashyap


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