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Alumni Stories: Samarth Turekar


An interview with Samarth Turekar– Alumni of the Master of Project Management degree.

Where are you working now?


What is your role and what activities does your role entail on a daily basis?

“As a Project Coordinator, I manage and coordinate residential and commercial solar projects, installations and operations throughout VICTORIA. Managing contracts, dealing with electricians, sub contractors and handling sales team for performing smooth and organised work flow. Technical support for clients and building customer relationship management. Reporting project status and reporting to Project Manager for on time advise and decisions to solve and troubleshoot enquires. Recruiting new employees and training them.”

What was your favourite part of your degree?

“Enrolling into RMIT’s School of Property, Construction and Project Management for MC210PM Master of Project Management Program in the first batch starting February 2014 has been the favourite part to start of with the degree as an international student. Engaging with experienced international students and local professional students whether it be preparing group assignments, classroom activities and discussions and being able to adapt with them as friends and mates has been an life changing and exciting journey so far. The degree program had interesting subjects which dealt with all the major knowledge areas of project management, Experienced and qualified lecturers and case study based assignments gave better insights for managing projects.”

What do you like best about your role?

“The role as Project Coordinator provides challenges and opportunities to deal with diverse stakeholders and liaising with them on daily basis is always a task at hand and lessons learnt which enables continuous process improvements.”

What attracted you to your role?

“The Opportunity to oversee the entire solar operations for Victoria associated with one of the biggest brands and market leaders in solar industry.”

What is most important to you when looking for a job?

“The opportunities and challenges offered to help me grow professionally. The roles and responsibilities that corresponds to my abilities and skills that i have developed.”

Tell us about your career journey so far.

“As a mechanical engineer, I have worked as a Design engineer to Project Engineer working in hydraulics and petrochemical project industries. Being more close to handling petrochemical projects, it developed a lot of interest in managing projects. The developing project management interest triggered to boost my knowledge and skills in the field which led to enter Australia to learn the insight and theories related to project management. Career and life changing opportunity by enrolling into Masters degree in RMIT helped me to get through with a desired role to manage solar projects with market leaders EUROSOLAR just after completion of my degree.”

Tell us about the challenges and triumphs in this industry

“Projects are always unique in some part or the other wherein you have to manage and deal with various stakeholders on daily basis. Getting them organised and perform activities in time towards project completion is the biggest challenge. Moving towards project success after all the hard work and getting everything right at the end becomes a learning curve and also a major triumph.”

How have you been a ‘male champion of change’?

“While studying project management i have came across female students who in turn became good mates, which helped me to realise that there is lot to learn from them and their understanding towards managing projects. Whether it a fresher or experienced female personnel, they are really important as they have progressive outlook in using their skills and abilities that are important in every part of project management processes. I always promote and encourage to have female support in my organisation or my study journey with RMIT. It really helps professionally and developing better outcomes in project management.”

If you could say one thing to future students looking to enter the industry – what would it be?

“Always choose a course that you feel interested which helps boost and compliment your skills and abilities to progress in your life and career.”

Anything else you would like to share?

“RMIT and School of Property Construction and Project Management is a great place to enhance your skills and abilities and progress in your career.”


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