School of Property, Construction & Project Management

New Research on Energy Pipelines and Urban Planning.


2017 has seen the start of a major new research project in RMIT Property, Construction and Project Management. Dr Vanessa McDermott, Dr Sarah Holdsworth and Associate Professor Jan Hayes are seeking to understand how urban planning processes consider existing high pressure gas pipelines. Historically, links between these two sectors have not always worked well. This project considers issues of urban sprawl in greenfield development sites near existing pipelines, as well as risks to pipeline integrity that arise from population intensification in urban areas (e.g. brownfield or urban infill areas). The aim is to use the knowledge gained to develop recommendations that the pipeline industry can use to propose policy changes that not only meet government planning and pipeline sector objectives but that also support public safety and community welfare.

Running until March 2019, this project is supported via RMIT Property, Construction and Project Management’s ongoing relationship with the Energy Pipelines CRC. It is the latest in a broader program of research into organisational accident prevention that has total cash funding of over $1.8 million over five years. Led by Associate Professor Jan Hayes, ten RMIT researchers and students research a range of topics linked to public safety along with collaborators from the Australian National University, the University of Sydney and the University of Canberra. Industry partners from the Australian Pipelines and Gas Association Research and Standards Committee are also closely involved.

Author: Jan Hayes

Image: Copyright EPCRC

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