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Announcing Michael Argyrou – Special Guest Presenter for Women Building Futures: Careers in Property, Construction and Project Management – Aligned with our 2017 Sub-Theme “Male Champions of Change”


RMIT School of Property, Construction and Project Management is again hosting an International Women’s Day Event entitled: “Women Building Futures: Careers in Property, Construction and Project Management” with the 2017 Sub-Theme “Male Champions of Change”. We would like to announce our first special guest who will be presenting at our event: Mr Michael Argyrou.


Michael Argyrou and his brother George founded Hickory in Melbourne in 1991. They are the fourth generation of their family to enter the construction industry, and today are the senior directors of an award-winning company noted in the BRW as Australia’s most innovative construction firm and consistently named by the HIA as one of the largest multi-unit builders in Australia.

Michael’s innate approach is to embrace and lead industry change and continually strive to meet new challenges. His capacity to understand and integrate broader strategic objectives with a commitment to attention to detail is a key to the success of Hickory. From its beginning as a family run construction company, Michael has steered the group on a trajectory of continual growth, vertical integration and continuous exploration of new methodologies.

Through the development of several prefabricated building systems Hickory has also become a leader in modular construction, using patented technology to deliver high profile developments around Australia and setting new standards worldwide in accelerated project delivery and construction sustainably.

The synergy of Michael’s commitment to his employees, Hickory’s clients, uncompromising professionalism and success through collaboration, underscores his natural ability to guide his team and all project stakeholders to generate the optimum individual and group results.

With Michael at the helm, Hickory continues to deliver exceptional results to clients and transform the built environment through innovation on an international scale.

We invite you to attend our event being held on International Women’s Day – Wednesday 8 March 2017 12pm – 2pm at RMIT Storey Hall.


Author of Michael Argyrou’s profile: Hickory Group

Image Owner: Hickory Group

Hickory Building Innovation - Logo-Full Colour_Large

Read more about the International Women’s Day event: Women Building Futures: Careers in Property, Construction and Project Management here:


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