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Women Building Futures: Alumni Panel Member Announced: Ellvana Curo


We are very pleased to announce that Ellvana Curo will be part of our Alumni Panel on the day. Ellvana will share her story with us on stage. Here is a snippet of Ellvana’s story:

An interview with Ellvana Curo – Alumni of the Property and Valuation Undergraduate degree.

Where are you working now?

“Colliers International (Victoria) Pty Ltd”

What is your role and what activities does your role entail on a daily basis?

“Senior Commercial Property Manager, Real Estate Management. Managing a portfolio of six commercial high-rise CBD properties for local high net-worth individuals (private investors) and asset managers. It is paramount to have extensive organizational skills and high attention to detail. Daily tasks include:

  • Constant communication with my clients;
  • Managing Tenants’ satisfaction;
  • Financial control (actual vs budget / invoicing / accrual & cash properties);
  • Lease Renewal’s;
  • Make Good’s;
  • Market Reviews;”

What was your favourite part of your degree?

“Experiencing the Property sector in Dubai & Hong Kong!”

What do you like best about your role?

“I am the cause of my own responsibilities.”

What attracted you to your role?

“Property management exposes you to every single department within any Company, examples include, sales, leasing, project management, valuations and the list goes on! This enable you to be more aware of the market place when you deal with different departments. My intentions were to start here which will allow me to determine my future and what role I could consider moving into the future. I have met many successful sales agents who began in Property Management to learn about the fundamentals of a building which has now enabled them to sell A-Grade assets worth 9-figures… We are talking millions!”

What is most important to you when looking for a job?

“Your manager the management structure and the company plan/focus. Your manager is paramount. They are your mentor and will help you achieve your goals along with the reputation that you make for yourself within the industry. In addition, it is important that your future Employer has an ultimate Plan. At Colliers International, we have aspirational goals and operational strategies as part of our business’ 2020 Enterprise Plan.”

Tell us about your career journey so far.

“Whilst studying at RMIT, I applied for many “Receptionist” jobs within the Property industry. I was fortunate enough to work for a Real Estate Investment Trust as a Receptionist whilst studying at RMIT for 3 years. This enabled me to understand the structure of their business. I then became a “floater” and assisted many different departments. By the time I graduated, I was already set aside from my peers with a Resume consisting of 3 years experience in the industry as a junior. By the time I commenced my first full time job at a competing Agency, I was an assistant Property Manager for 6 months and immediately promoted to Property Manager. After a 2 year experience with the competing agency I found myself an offer not to miss at Colliers International as a Senior Property Manager, where I am today.”

Tell us about the challenges and triumphs you have faced as a female in a male-dominated industry 

“This would generally be a hard question for most… I was fortunate enough to represent the Albanian Women’s National Football Team for almost 5 years (whilst studying at RMIT and throughout the first few years of full time work). After having taken part in a predominantly male sport, this enabled me to succeed in a predominantly male industry. Being a female in this industry is a necessity. Although most of my clients are male, by being female, I believe that we offer a more sensitive, creative and organised approach to adding value. Ultimately, regardless of what gender you are – male or female, if you are honest, diligent and take pride in your work, your client will remember you forever.”

If you could say one thing to young females looking to enter the industry – what would it be?

“Cliché, although, the world is your oyster. If you want to succeed from an early age, you must strive for your goals. Go out there and submit your Resume to Property Company’s as a Junior whilst in your first year of Uni. You may not get paid a whole lot, however, you can trust me that it will benefit your near future.”

Anything else you would like to share?

“University is your stepping stone. You learn to become more independent. What you do from there is up to you. You can reach the next step .”


Read more about the International Women’s Day event: Women Building Futures: Careers in Property, Construction and Project Management here:


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