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Announcing Vanessa Goulding – Special Guest Presenter for Women Building Futures: Careers in Property, Construction and Project Management


RMIT School of Property, Construction and Project Management is again hosting an International Women’s Day Event entitled: “Women Building Futures: Careers in Property, Construction and Project Management” with the 2017 Sub-Theme “Male Champions of Change”. We would like to announce our special guest key speaker who will be presenting at our event: Vanessa Goulding.

Some of you would enjoyed a brief overview of Vanessa’s story last year when she joined us as one of our Alumni Panelists – Vanessa completed our Bachelor of Applied Science (Construction Management) degree. Read Vanessa’s Story from 2016 here. Vanessa is currently working as a Construction Manager for McCorkell Constructions.

You are sure to be inspired by Vanessa’s story when we hear from her in more detail this year as one of our key speakers. A quick snippet on some of her inspiring story quoting from an interview with Vanessa by the writers behind Gazella (‘an independent publication offering insights into inspiring females within the built environment’), Danielle Savio and Justine Hadj:

When I was pregnant with my first child, I was building Spencer Street Station and I fainted on site in the middle of a meeting with the Architects, so I had to tell everyone that I was pregnant. I was trying to hide it because I didn’t know how the hell I am going to deal with a baby and my job! When I announced that I was having my first baby, my boss cried and thought that I was going to finish working. They thought I was a write off. They were really shocked when I came back after one year maternity leave. I use to drive to a back street, line the car windows with towels to express my milk in privacy.  At Grocon with my second baby, It was amazing. I worked from home some times, had Skype meetings and when they really needed me, I would go in with the baby. Grocon was like my family.

I came back after five months after my second baby. I remember bringing my baby in an important meeting in the board room full of men and my baby was supposed to sleep at that time and of course he didn’t. Thank God I came equipped with all the shawls and I actually had to breastfeed the baby to shut him up. You do what you have to do. And that is the kind of company you want to work for.

I tell my daughter; “If it is meant to be, it is up to me.” I always tell her that. And you can’t blame other people for the circumstance. If you want to achieve something it is up to you to put in the hard work. The other thing is to always make sure that your partner treats you equally and wants to be a capable parent. It is really important for a women who wants to pursue her career, to have a partner that is willing to drop off and pick up kids to childcare and school and to have dinner on the table when you walk in the door, makes school lunches, puts loads of washing on and mops floors. I think it is important that we teach our little girls and boys that. And when you have young girls and they say “Mummy, I really like that house or car…, you say “well honey you’re going to have to work hard for that””

Read the full article here:


Read more about the International Women’s Day event: Women Building Futures: Careers in Property, Construction and Project Management here:

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